Плекаймо Дружній Пластовий Дух
Lets Cherish our Friendly Scouting Spirit
Українська Скавтська Організація у Великій Британії
Ukrainian Scouting Organisation in Great Britain

Senior Scouts (“Seniory”)

After the reaching the age of about 35 and over, Scouts can choose to remain members of the Scouting community – become Seniors (“seniory”) or Scouters.

They can either continue to be active with children, or get involved in some other community service; like teaching, pre-school work, running choirs, organising dance groups to name just a few.

The guiding idea is that Plast oath binds you for life. Once you swear to uphold Plast and the principals of scouting, you are morally obligated to be a “good scout” and to serve your community for the rest of your life. Whether you remain an active member of the Scouting organisation or not.