Плекаймо Дружній Пластовий Дух
Lets Cherish our Friendly Scouting Spirit
Українська Скавтська Організація у Великій Британії
Ukrainian Scouting Organisation in Great Britain

Boy or Girl Scout (“Yunaky”, “Yunachka”)

The age group for boy Scout “Yunaky” or the girl Scout “Yunachka” is from 12-18. They are organised into troops, 3 to 6 troops constitute a “kurin” a company.

Again, separate units of boys and girls are usually present. As in Cub-Scouts there are awards and attainments to be achieved but the purpose of these is to encourage further self development as well as to demonstrate the maturity of a Scout.

Activities include learning through game play, sport, hiking, camping, rock-climbing, canoeing and lots more.

The aim is to build character, strengthen self-reliance and a sense of quality to encourage self-motivation and self-discipline, while developing understanding and helpfulness to others. All this prepares the Boy and Girl Scout for life and work in the community.