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Lets Cherish our Friendly Scouting Spirit
Українська Скавтська Організація у Великій Британії
Ukrainian Scouting Organisation in Great Britain

Marika Babych Rest in Peace

08 May 20

Dear Friends,

You will know by now that on Sunday 26.4.2020 Marika Babych, Plast UK longstanding chair has moved to greener pastures.

The funeral has been arranged for Wednesday, 13.5.2020 at 10:30.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, only the closest family will be able to attend the funeral.
In order to facilitate a virtual farewell, we suggest you may join in a zoom meeting during the funeral under the link.

Meeting ID: 796 7974 7064
Password: 9VgpFS

May she rest in peace!